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Ludo Vici

is an actor, a political comedian, an author and a producer. He's been active in Munich's and Berlin's independent theater scene for over 20 years now. He wrote, produced and acted in various productions and co-ran several theater venues. Since 2010 his focus has shifted more and more towards filmmaking. As a freelance producer he's been cooperating with the HFF-the Munich Film School and produced his first feature film "Into the Suite" with Detlef Bothe. It premiered at the international Film Festival in Hof. 2015 he started his production company Weird Tiny Films (WTF). His first short "No Goodbye" won the main prize at the Landshut Short Film Festival.

Michael Sigel

Michael Sigel and Ludo Vici used to play in a high school band together. The first piles of cables and wires and the 8-track recorder slowly turned into a state-of-the-art recording studio which became the backbone of WTF's projects.
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