One day, you are forced to look in the mirror.

Shortfilm - 14 min

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A whole life in 14 minutes

BR, Kino Kino


Deadline Magazine

No Goodbye is full of style, elegance and overall is a brilliantly made short film

Film Carnage


Sandra Steffl

Thomas Peters


Cinematographer: Thomas Bauer
Assistent Cinematographer: Malte Schulz
Assistent Cinematographer: Kati Thiemer
Lightning: Sara Krupper / Chris Janik
VFX: Michael Sigel
Colorgrading: Markus Zuckerstätter
Mix: Michael Sigel
Assistant Director: Marina Meshkova
executive producer: NICK MANNU
Written, edited and directed by
Ludo Vici

Additional Cast

Emiliy Coco Hope Steffl
Lena Schüssler
Guiliana Gospodarek
Lola Promilla
Sarah Glinschert

Special thanks

Petra Ludowici
Julita Miller-Amann /
Dance Art, Grünwald
Ars 24
Backstage München


Making of